Ganga: Source to Sea Expedition (GangaS2S) 2013

Ganga: Source to Sea Expedition (GangaS2S) 2013

Ganga Source To Sea Map

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Flowing some 2,600 kilometers from its source on the Gangotri Glacier to its delta in the Bay of Bengal, the Ganges River is both revered and reviled. An estimated 400 million people depend on its waters, and over 1 billion Hindus consider it sacred. But, the river is threatened: climate change, over‐population, pollution, and development have made it one of the most polluted and threatened rivers in the world.

In September and October, 2013, Jake Norton, Pete McBride, and David Morton will begin an epic journey to tell the story of the Ganges. They’ll begin on an unclimbed peak at the headwaters of the River, and then follow its course from the high Himalaya to the Sundarban Delta. The team will gather water samples from key areas along the full course of the Ganges – from its pristine beginnings as snow at 7000 meters to its heavily loved and used water downstream – for post‐expedition study and analysis.

Along the way, they’ll tell the river’s story through the eyes of those who love it and hate it, protect it and pollute it, revere it and revile it. All will be documented on film, in still imagery, and written word.

Throughout, Jake, Pete, and David will also be blogging, updating social media, and sharing the story of the Ganges from source to sea.

Please stay tuned to The MountainWorld Blog, and the social media channels and blogs of our sponsors and partners for updates from the field. Or, see specific posts from the GangaS2S Expedition below: