Getting FITT: Climb Your Everest Keynote Presentation

Getting FITT: Climb Your Everest Keynote Presentation

  • Would you like to motivate your employees or members to reach new heights in their careers?
  • What if they left your event feeling refreshed, excited, and inspired to reach the peak of excellence in all that they do?
  • And, what if you could do all of this with an enthralling, multi-media presentation which will make them laugh, cry, and learn lessons from the summit of Mount Everest – and enable them to apply these lessons to their daily lives?

Jake Norton’s Getting FITT: Climb Your Everest…and Enjoy the Journey presentation – enjoyed by audiences from Fortune 500 companies to national associations, schools, and universities – will do just that.

Getting FITT is based on Jake’s experiences on seven Everest expeditions. From the historic discovery of pioneer climber George Mallory’s remains in 1999 to breathtaking rescues high on the mountain in 2003 to reaching the 29,035 foot summit in 2002 (and again in 2003 and 2009), Getting FITT takes people out of their seats and onto the slopes of Everest where they learn the keys to success on all of life’s mountains:

  • Build a Vision of the Everest you need or want to climb, and keep the goal in the forefront of your mind. As James Lane Allen said: Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream so you shall one day become.
  • FEAR: We must learn to transition fear into focus, and use it’s power to break the job at hand into manageable pieces and move forward on our mountains.
  • INSTINCT: In a dynamic environment where we do not have the luxury of long-tern analysis of a situation, and must instead make quick and effective decisions, we must learn to trust our instinct or, as Malcolm Gladwell writes in his bestseller, Blink, we must trust our ability to “thin slice” a situation.
  • TEAMWORK: The critical key to success on any Everest: None of us have the ability to climb our mountains all alone. Rather, we must rely on a disparate group of people with disparate skills brought to a collective table to pursue a common goal. In other words, a team.
  • TENACITY: On the actual Everest and the metaphorical mountains we all climb in life and business, setbacks are as inherent to the journey as snow and wind. The tenacious ones who can work through a temporary setback and keep climbing the next day will eventually reach their summits.

If you’d like to wow your audience, if you’d like to give them an experience they will relish and messages that will change their lives and careers, Getting FITT is your answer!

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