Meeting Planners

Meeting Planners

  • Would you like to motivate your team to set lofty goals at your your next meeting or event…and meet those goals?
  • Would you be happy if your audience left the keynote inspired to climb their metaphorical mountains, and armed with the essential tools to do so?
  • What if they walked out of the presentation with useful strategies that will help them deal with the inevitable obstacles standing between them and their professional summits?
  • And, what if this could be done with an exciting, multi-media adventure which takes audiences out of their seats and onto Mount Everest, where they laugh, cry, struggle, and learn the keys to success on all of life’s mountains?

From Fortune 500 executives to the memberships of national and regional associations, Everest climber and photographer Jake Norton takes audiences out of their seats and onto the slopes of Mount Everest for a multi-media, inspirational adventure that leaves them inspired to climb their Everests.

Jake Norton is not simply another Everest climber who tagged the top and now talks about it. Jake is a professional climber and guide of 15 years who has dedicated his life to adventure and challenge.

Jake takes his speaking as seriously as his climbing, ensuring that all audiences get what they came for: inspiration from the mountains and a recipe for success they can apply to their lives.

A member of the National Speaker’s Association, Jake has given hundreds of talks to tens of thousands of people worldwide, from New Delhi to New York and all points in between.

A rich storyteller, Jake doesn’t just teach lessons, but rather recreates the drama and emotion of the challenges he has faced on Mount Everest, from walking narrow ladders over gaping crevasses to the anguished decision to turn around 700 feet from the summit.

And, Jake’s professional photography and stunning video footage further add to the adventure. Click here to see some of Jake’s images which accompany his acclaimed keynote presentations.

If you want to take your audience to the next level and give them an experience they’ll talk about – and one that will impact their lives and careers – for years to come, please contact us to book Jake Norton today!