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Challenge21 – Kilimanjaro 2014

As many of your know, since 2011 I’ve launched 5 expeditions to mountains around the world, from the Rwenzori Mountains …

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Stars arc over the #Khumbu…

Stars arc over the #Khumbu Icefall and Basecamp on Mount #Everest, Nepal. It was a busy season there in 2012 when @davidcmorton, @charlesmace, Brent Bishop and I (with @graysonwyatt at Base camp) were trying the West Ridge, and will be even busier this season with feature films, wing suits, fundraisers, and more going on. Good luck to all this season! #latergram #archives @eddiebauer

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GEX-EV-1035: Gazing up the sweeping cornices and rock steps of Everest's Northeast Ridge from Mushroom Rock at 28,300 feet. Lhotse rises behind and left. Photo by Jake Norton.

New Everest Images now Online

Everest season is fully upon us, with great reporting trickling in through top sources like Alan Arnette and others. There’s …

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Had an amazing night last…

Had an amazing night last night with @davidcmorton and @jimaikman celebrating Willi Unsoeld as part of the Unsoeld Seminar at Evergreen State College. Over 900 people turned out to see our film, High and Hallowed, and to celebrate all that Willi did in his amazing life, cut short in 1979. A Phd in Theology, Director of Peace Corps Nepal, father of experiential education, huge influencer in Outward Bound, founder of Evergreen State… the list goes on. And, with Tom Hornbein, made the first ascent of the West Ridge of Everest on May 22, 1963. This photo was taken on the West Should of #Everest at about 24,000 feet. Huge thanks to Evergreen State College, Tom Hornbein, everyone who came out, and especially the Unsoeld family.@eddiebauer #williunsoeld

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Marty Schmidt at Camp 2 on Mount Everest, 2012.

In Memoriam: Marty & Denali Schmidt

Positive energy…those two descriptors, in tandem and alone, are what come to mind immediately when I think of Marty Schmidt. …

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High and Hallowed: Everest 1963

In Spring, 2012, I had a dream come true: I led an expedition to the West Ridge of Everest with …

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50 years ago today, Tom…

50 years ago today, Tom Hornbein and Willi Unsoeld were making their way up the Hornbein Couloir to Camp 5 West on #Everest for their summit bid on the West Ridge, supported by Barry Corbet, Al Auten, and some amazing Sherpa. Amazing ascent. #climbinghistoryandheroes

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Client Testimonials

In hundreds of presentations to tens of thousands of people worldwide, Jake Norton has gotten nothing but praise and rave …

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Another late night with @davidcmorton…

Another late night with @davidcmorton & @jimaikman & the West Ridge of #Everest.

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Keynotes, Workshops, & Trainings by Jake Norton

Professional climber, guide, photographer, and inspirational Everest speaker Jake Norton’s life has been focused on pushing the limits…and returning to …

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