Mountains of the Moon: Challenge21 Expedition to the Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda

In April, 2011, Jake Norton founded Challenge21, a multi-year project to leverage his career as a climber to bring funds and awareness to the global water and sanitation crises. In August, 2011, Jake launched the first Challenge21 expedition to the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda, the famed “Mountains of the Moon”.

A remote and rarely visited range on the southwestern border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Rwenzori rise from equatorial jungles to the glaciated summit of Mount Stanley’s Margherita Peak at 16,079 feet.

A team of seven climbers, including Water For People CEO Ned Breslin, spent two weeks in knee-deep mud and drenching rain, eventually reaching the summit of Mount Stanley. More importantly, they raised some $18,000 for Water For People in the process.

“Mountains of the Moon”, shot by Jake Norton and Tim Ryan and written and produced by Tim Ryan/Tim Ryan Pictures, is the official film of this Challenge21 expedition.

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