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The MountainWorld Blog by Jake Norton


Happy New Year 2073 (by the Bikram…

Happy New Year 2073 (by the Bikram Sambat calendar) ! Sending best wishes to all in #Nepal for a happy, healthy, and safe year.

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114 years ago today, Andrew Comyn Irvine…

114 years ago today, Andrew Comyn Irvine – “Sandy” to his friends – was born in Berkenhead, England. At age 22, in 1924, he left England and Oxford for India and Tibet as the youngest and most inexperienced member of the 1924 British Mount #Everest Expedition. As luck would have it – and as his innate skill as an engineer encouraged – Irvine was chosen by George Mallory to accompany him on the expeditions fateful, final summit attempt. Mallory & Irvine were last seen by teammate Noel Odell at 12:50pm on June 8, 1924, less than 1,000 feet from the summit, “going strong for the top.” The duo were never seen alive again, sparking the greatest mystery of mountaineering – and perhaps the greatest mystery of all exploration: Did they reach the summit of Everest 29 years before Hillary and Tenzing climbed it from the south side? Irvine did not live a long life, but he lived a full one in his 22 years. As family friend Sir Arnold Henry Moore Lunn wrote: “Irvine did not live long, but he lived well. Into his short life he crowded an overflowing measure of activity which found its climax in his last wonderful year, a year during which he rowed in the winning Oxford boat, explored Spitsbergen, fell in love with ski-ing, and – perhaps – conquered Everest. The English love rather to live well than to live long.” | In this photo, taken on the summit on May 30, 2003, I hold a picture of Andrew Irvine, George Mallory and his beloved wife, Ruth Turner, and John Baptist Lucius Noel, expedition photograper and funder. I had climbed Mallory & Irvine’s intended route up the Northeast Ridge, and buried the photo in the summit snows in tribute to them and the pioneering pre-World War II Everest expeditions. For more on the mystery of Mallory & Irvine, see my blog posts (link in profile).

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#tbt to July 25, 1988, on the…

#tbt to July 25, 1988, on the summit of Sharks Nose, Cirque of the Towers in the Wind River Range, Wyoming. I was 14, and had been climbing for a few years with my dad and @nickyardley64. This was my first trip to some bigger routes – just me and a guide from @jhmtnguides, Dave Colke (if memory serves me correctly). At that time, the Cirque was pretty quiet: in a week in the area, we only saw 2 other people, and they were there to fish, not climb. Great memories! #liveyouradventure #cirqueofthetowers

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“Clouds come floating into my life, no…

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” – #Rabindranath #Tagore |
A nice #sunset over #Evergreen Lake tonight. Sometimes it worth just taking the time to look, admire, wonder, and dream. #colorsofnature #clouds #lgg5 #rabindranathtagore #quote #liveyouradventure

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#Spring, trying hard to push its way…

#Spring, trying hard to push its way through the snow and #ice. #nature

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There certainly could be worse places to…

There certainly could be worse places to spend a couple days. Here, @coryrichards catches some #Kindle time while @lynseydyer admires the #sunset over Mount #Tutoko from Turner’s Bivy, New #Zealand. #liveyouradventure #mounttutoko #newzealand @eddiebauer @julianapse @andrewbydlon @anthonycerretani #bestmountainartists

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See you next time, #Guatemala! | #Lightning…

See you next time, #Guatemala! | #Lightning arcs from a #thunderhead next to #Volcan San Pedro, #Lago #Atitlán. #liveyouradventure #volcansanpedro #lightningbolt #lakeatitlan #lakeatitlanguatemala

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Today in 1948, arguably the best high…

Today in 1948, arguably the best high #altitude climber the world has ever known was born in #Poland. #Jerzy #Kukuczka was the second person – after #Reinhold #Messner – to climb all fourteen #8000-meter peaks, finishing them in 1987. Kukuczka, however, did many of them by new routes or in winter. Additionally, coming from Poland, his access to the #Himalaya was difficult; he and the “Freedom Climbers” often had to fund their expeditions by smuggling goods and traveling overland back and forth. Kukuczka died in a fall from the unclimbed South Face of #Lhotse in 1989. For more information on Jerzy and his #Polish climbing peers, read Freedom Climbers by Bernadette McDonald. | In this photo, taken from the summit of #Everest in 2003, 3 of the #8000m peaks are visible: Lhotse, #Makalu, and #Kanchenjunga. #bestmountainartists #Nepal #freedomclimbers #liveyouradventure #everydayasia #everydaynepal

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Happy World #Water Day! Often taken for…

Happy World #Water Day! Often taken for granted in the developed world, water is a rare and cherished – and limited – commodity in much of the developing world. Some 800 million globally live without regular access to safe water, and over 2 billion people don’t have adequate #sanitation in their lives. And, without water and sanitation – the foundations of #development – most other development work is rendered moot. Let’s all, as a global community, work together to celebrate the bounty of water on this #WorldWaterDay, and strive to end water #poverty. | In this photo, water #drips from a local tap into a water jug in rural #Rulindo, #Rwanda. #waterpoverty #endwaterpoverty @waterforpeople #unworldwaterday #waterislife

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It’s hard to ever tire of #sunset…

It’s hard to ever tire of #sunset over #Lago #Atitlán. In the heart of the #Sololá department of #Guatemala, Atitlán was long a place of spiritual power for the #Maya, and now one of economic power through tourism for the local people and the country as a whole. But, sadly, like so many waterways, Atitlán needs help. Introduced black #bass in the 1950’s wiped out many native species and disrupted the lake’s ecology, and now dangerous blooms of #Microcystis #cyanobacteria have ravaged the lake in 2009 and again in 2015. That said, Atitlán remains a destination of intense beauty, deep culture, and wonderful history…and one well worth visiting. #liveyouradventure @wendebvalentine #lakeatitlan #lagoatitlan #travelstoke #panajachel #santacatarinapalopo

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