The MountainWorld Blog by Jake Norton

The MountainWorld Blog by Jake Norton


She wasn’t much older than my daughter,…

She wasn’t much older than my daughter, and her brother – waddling through the muddy streets wearing only an oversize t-shirt – was similar in age to my son. Like my children, they laughed and played, wondered and worried, had hopes, dreams, and ambitions. And yet, their worlds could not have been more different. Here in the sweltering plains of #Uganda, in the shadow of the #Rwenzori Mountains and not far from Fort Portal, opportunity is rare. School is a part-time luxury for these kids; both spend most of their time helping around the house and hauling water from the local tap. When they do get to school, it’s limited and rudimentary. What difference the fortune of geography can play: my kids are no different than these kids, and yet their opportunities – and thus their lives – will likely be polar opposites. It’s time we as a world address the realities of endemic #poverty, work to level the fields of #inequality, and strive to give all #opportunity. We need to live and act on the dreams of #Martin #Luther #King at home and abroad, as individuals, as communities, as countries, and as a connected world. #portraitmood #portrait #fortportal #mlk #martinlutherking #everydayafrica #Africa #travelstoke #liveyouradventure @africanamazing #africanamazing @ig_africa @african_portraits

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Happy Birthday today to Barry Bishop, who…

Happy Birthday today to Barry Bishop, who would have been 84 on this day. Bishop was a critical member of the 1963 American Mount #Everest Expedition (#AMEE). Originally one of the “West Ridgers”, Barry dropped out of the West Ridge effort to focus on his photography for National Geographic, and ended up reaching the summit via the Southeast Ridge on May 22, 1963, with teammate Lute #Jerstad, just hours before Tom #Hornbein and Willi #Unsoeld topped out via the West Ridge. Barry, like so many climbers of that expedition, was far more than Everest, and far more than a climber. He was a hugely accomplished climber. Some of his notable ascents include: first ascent of the West Buttress of #Denali (Mt. #McKinley) in 1951; a solo of the Italian Ridge on the #Matterhorn in 1952; the first ascent of the uber-classic Southwest Ridge of Ama #Dablam in 1961 (also the first winter ascent in the #Himalaya); and, of course, climbing Everest as mentioned. Like Unsoeld, Bishop sustained severe frostbite on the epic #bivouac at 28,000 feet on Everest, and lost several toes, mostly ending his climbing career. Barry went on to earn his PhD in geography, wrote his dissertation in Humla and Jumla in western #Nepal, and earned many awards and recognitions for his photography and writing. (And, along the way, he raised one hell of a son, Brent Bishop, who has climbed Everest, Ama Dablam, and many other peaks, as well as being an amazing friend, father, and human.) Barry died tragically in a car accident in 1994. Of all his work and photography, perhaps his most iconic is this one, taken in early-May, 1963, of Hornbein and Unsoeld moving up the dramatic West Shoulder of Everest with the North Face and Summit looming beyond. This photo-animation was taken from Bishop’s photo and used in our award-winning film, High and Hallowed: Everest 1963. #liveyouradventure #highandhallowed #everest1963 #amadablam #barrybishop @eddiebauer @davidcmorton @charley.mace @jimaikman

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Mother Nature was showing off this morning…

Mother Nature was showing off this morning during a snowy run on Mt. Judge. I never cease to be amazed by the colors of #sunrise and the inspiration of #solitude in the high country. #liveyouradventure #MountainsMatter #mountainmatters #mothernature #mothernaturesbeauty #mountjudge #snydermountain

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Do #MountainsMatter? Should you care what’s happening…

Do #MountainsMatter? Should you care what’s happening to them if you don’t live nearby and never want to visit them? #ClimateChange is altering the mountain landscape faster than most others…Does it matter? I’ve been fortunate to spend most of my life in the mountains – climbing, traveling, photgraphing, and experiencing the remarkable tapestry that is the mountains, their landscapes, ecosystems, peoples, and cultures. And sadly, I’ve also witnessed their rapid change, from anemic glaciers to famine-stricken communities. The damage is striking, and progressing fast…and it effects all downstream. But, all is not lost. We can all embrace the bold commitments of #COP21, and make change today in our lives, our communities, our mountains, and our world. Read more in my post on the @eddiebauer blog (link in profile). | In this photo, Brent Bishop gazes out at colors of sunrise on Mt. #Tasman and surrounding peaks while climbing Mt. Cook (#Aoraki). #liveyouradventure #climatechangeisreal #WeLoveMountains #earthtoparis #mountainpartnership @unitednations @climatereality

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Sending a big Happy Birthday to John…

Sending a big Happy Birthday to John Griber! I’ve had great times in the high mountains with lots of people, and #Everest 2009 was no exception. John and I shared a tent at the South Col, where we were delayed by a day by weather and got the opportunity to tour around the nooks and crannies of the Col to gaze down the #Kangshung Face and east to #Kanchenjunga and beyond. The next day we went to the summit, scrambling up and over and around lines of climbers to avoid some of the chaos and get the shots we needed for @eddiebauer of our climbers, @ed_viesturs and Peter Whittaker. We reached the top in beautiful weather, spent about 2 hours up there shooting, and then descended to Camp. But, the day was not over as we ended up helping the indefatigable @benegas_brothers with a rescue of another climber. But, all the while, #Griber kept up his characteristic good humor, making me laugh even when I would’ve preferred to cry. Sending you great birthday wishes, my friend, and hope to see you soon. | In this photo, John gazes up toward the South Summit at sunrise with #Makalu dominating the background. #liveyouradventure #mounteverest #bestmountainartists #Nepal

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Little bit late to the #bestnine2015 party,…

Little bit late to the #bestnine2015 party, but thanks to all for the likes and support. Not surprisingly, most of my top 2015 photos were from and about #Nepal…so, I owe, as always, a big thank you to Nepal – the people, places, faces, memories, moments, friendships, and inherent, integral, inspiring, stunning beauty that is Nepal. Dhanyabhad, and here’s to a great 2016! #2015bestninešŸŒŸ #2015bestnine #liveyouradventure #nepaliloveyou #92015 #HelpCarryTheLoad

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Wishing a huge Happy Birthday to one…

Wishing a huge Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing people out there. I’ve had the opportunity to spend lots of time with @pedromcbride over the years – from lightning storms on Mt. #Kenya to sewage streams on the #Ganges in #India – and he’s one of those rare souls who never ceases to smile, endure, and keep on inspiring and working to make the world a better place. Thoughtful, insightful, and immensely talented and creative – not to mention hilarious – Pedro is one of the few who I’d share any adventure with, anywhere. Oh, and he’s pretty damn good at handstands, too – even atop a boulder at 14,000 feet on the lateral morraine of the #Gangotri Glacier in India with the #Bhagirathi peaks watching from above. Happy Birthday, Pedro: here’s to more adventures in 2016! Keep inspiring us all with your stories and passion! #happybirthday #handstand #liveyouradventure

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Sending much love and strength to the…

Sending much love and strength to the people of #Imphal, #Manipur, #India today in the wake of the 6.7 #earthquake that hit early this morning, affecting those in nearby #Myanmar as well. May the worst now be over, and may reconstruction and a return to normal life come swiftly. Sending thoughts to those who lost loved ones in the quake. Om shanti shanti shanti. #shanti #om #manipurearthquake #indiagram #indiapictures #indiaphotos #liveyouradventure

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The sun sets behind Himalayan peaks as viewed from the South Col, 26,000 feet, on Mount Everest.

Welcoming the New Year

And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been. ~ Rainer Rilke ~ As 2015 …

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The ethereal summit of #Nuptse West emerges…

The ethereal summit of #Nuptse West emerges from clouds at sunset as viewed from #Khumbu Basecamp on #Everest. Nuptse west was first climbed in 1988 by a Korean team – along with 2 #Sherpa, Lhakpa Norbu and Pasang Dawa – and has seen few ascents since, especially compared to its higher and more famous neighbor. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most dramatic peaks in the area, with different personalities from every angle. #liveyouradventure #Nepal #blackandwhite #monochrome #bestmountainartists #mountainlove #mountainlovers #mountainsmatter

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