The MountainWorld Blog by Jake Norton

The MountainWorld Blog by Jake Norton

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Cropped bit of a #gigapixel…

Cropped bit of a #gigapixel panorama of Mount #Everest shot from #Pumori Camp 1 in 2012. Check out the full, interactive version on my blog, thanks to @gigapansystems. Go to Enjoy!

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Panorama of Mount Everest from Pumori Camp 1, Nepal, 2012. The image shows Mount Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, and the surrounding peaks, including those far down valley. © Jake Norton / MountainWorld Productions.

Mount Everest Gigapan Image from Pumori

I’ve been going through the archives a bit here recently, and was looking again at some of my gigapan panorama …

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Happy Maha #Shivaratri! Today, most…

Happy Maha #Shivaratri! Today, most #Hindus will celebrate #Shiva, and the convergence of Shiva and #Shakti. It’s an amazing celebration, especially at the important #Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. In this photo from #GangaS2S, Mount #Shivling rises high above the fertile meadow of #Tapovan, Garhwal Himalaya. @eddiebauer #Surface #Instagram #liveyouradventure

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Heading today to New York…

Heading today to New York for a special #GangaS2S media event. Our expedition won’t have happened without the support and vision of our primary sponsors/partners, @eddiebauer and @microsoftcorporation #Surface. In this photo, @pedromcbride and @davidcmorton work on their Surface Pro’s in Muni Baba’s shelter in #Tapovan, #Garhwal #Himalaya, #India.

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The front yard herd is…

The front yard herd is back – 42 elk at one time today. Beautiful they are, wild they aren’t. @wendebvalentine

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Sitting on the plane home…

Sitting on the plane home this morning gazing at the magnificent artistry of the #Colorado River carving the desert of Arizona, and simultaneously reading a great article in @theweekmag talking to @pedromcbride about the river’s woes. Nice words, Pete, and thanks as always for your advocacy for #water and the #ColoradoRiver!

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Had a great time last…

Had a great time last night sharing the story of #Mallory and #Irvine with a great audience here in L.A.. always an honor and privilege to tell some of the #history of #Everest, and a story that never gets old. This shot from 2001 on the Mallory & Irvine Research Expedition.

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Traffic jam, #Evergreen style. Beautiful…

Traffic jam, #Evergreen style. Beautiful day, and the elk out to enjoy it!

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@pedromcbride inspiring a group of…

@pedromcbride inspiring a group of 500 Savannah school kids after a screening of his epic Colorado River story, “Chasing Water”, as part of MountainFilm on Tour. Next up, “The Water Tower”, another great water story by Pete. Thanks Savannah and MountainFilm!

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Saying goodbye to Lake #Atitlan…

Saying goodbye to Lake #Atitlan after an incredible few weeks living, learning, and immersing in the place and the culture of #Guatemala. #Starfish

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