The MountainWorld Blog by Jake Norton

The MountainWorld Blog by Jake Norton

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Morning geography lesson: Lila teaching…

Morning geography lesson: Lila teaching Ryrie the countries of north Africa, like Somalia, Djibouti, Mauritania, Mali, Chad, etc. Cool to watch – I’m not sure I knew where exactly some of those were until pretty recently!

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Slightly ominous looking morning over…

Slightly ominous looking morning over #Golden, #Colorado. Great to finally have some snow!

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Beautiful sunrise at Denver International…

Beautiful sunrise at Denver International Airport…off to Salt Lake City.

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A quiet morning in #Bhaktapur,…

A quiet morning in #Bhaktapur, #Nepal, one of the more magical cities in the world.

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A sizable #avalanche on the…

A sizable #avalanche on the shoulder of Mt. Nystrom on the edge of the Vasquez Peak Wilderness – not huge, but enough to cause a big problem. Be careful in the backcountry!

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@firstascent on the Christmas tree…

@firstascent on the Christmas tree at my mother’s house…Microtherm all in the family.

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A great day last week…

A great day last week hearing stories and emotions from 50 years ago on #Everest, from a great friend and, much as he hates the designation, a hero, Tom Hornbein.

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