Everest Summit Panorama

I just came across a beautiful panorama view from the summit of Mount Everest on the website You can view it here. (You’ll need Apple Quicktime to see the view and scroll around.) Looks like it was a beautiful day on top of the world!

The shot reminds me of the one I captured in 2003 when I climbed the Northeast Ridge to the top of Everest as photographer and videographer for Outdoor Life Network’s Global Extremes reality TV series. We had a spectacular day, and had a clear view to the east past Lhotse, Makalu, Chomolhunzo, and on to distant Kanchenjunga about 200 miles away. See the shot here.

Many people ask have asked me in the past how one can make a panoramic image without a panoramic camera. Well, with the right tools – a tripod, digital camera, and a newer version of Adobe Photoshop – it is quite simple. Read how in my newsletter here!

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