Sherpa cam

In 2003, I was hired by the Outdoor Life Network to photograph and then film the Global Extremes – Mt. Everest: The 4Runners of Adventure reality TV series. After shooting events in South Africa, Costa Rica, and Iceland, we headed off to Everest, climbing via the Northeast Ridge.

On summit day, due to some unforeseen snafus, I ended up being the main cameraman, shooting a live video feed from my helmet camera, which was transmitted back down to Basecamp and the editing booth. I was also shooting still images for Outdoor Life, so my hands were full to say the least! Nonetheless, it was a spectacular day, and we reached the top nearly 50 years after Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzin Norgay made the first ascent in 1953.

This spring, Discovery shot a TV series on Everest as well, and had several of Russell Brice’s Sherpa team carry helmet cams as I did in 2003. There is some interesting footage there, so take a moment to see it here!

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