Bamboo Fence, Japan

Jpty0020_1A simple bamboo fence arcs into the forest of Yoyogi-koen Park near downtown Tokyo, Japan.

As my client and I strolled along the quiet pathways of the Yoyogi-koen near downtown Tokyo, Japan, we were amazed by the Stark contrast between the glittering neon and thumping sprawl of the Tokyo metropolis versus the serene peace and quiet of the Yoyogi-koen.

The park seemed to exude a Zen-like peace: hushed, deliberate, planned. As we strolled down one path, I noticed a stunning bamboo fence running away into the forest. The lines were perfect, a slight bow in the fence drawing the eye into the distance.

I leaned against a small tree to stabilize myself for the slow shutter speed necessary in the dark forest on an overcast day. A wide open aperture setting allowed the background to fall out of focus while keeping the foreground sharp and crisp.

To me, the scene seemed quintessentially Zen…What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Equipment: Nikon D100, Nikon 24-120 lens

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