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Feature article on Jake in Nikon World Magazine

Nikon_world_coverI am quite honored to have been featured in the Winter 2007 issue of Nikon World Magazine in an article entitled Jake Norton: Top of the World. The article, written by Barry Tannenbaum, covers my photographic journey from the beginning to my current work shooting in the high Himalaya.

Barry, an inquisitive guy and a great writer, was fascinated by the Mallory & Irvine story and wrote about it in the edition’s Editor’s Note.

The article as a whole runs 8 pages and features everything from my travel work to shots taken high on Everest. And, of course, everything was taken on Nikon equipment. (I have always shot with Nikon gear – my first SLR camera was a Nikon 5005, which I used to capture my seminal image of Conrad Anker standing over the remains of George Mallory in 1999. Since then, I have shot around the world with Nikon cameras, including the N70, N80, F5, D1H, D100, and now the D200. I also use Nikon lenses exclusively. My choice in this is simple: Nikon is the best, stands up to rough conditions, and captures consistently fabulous images.)

In addition to the article, Nikon will be featuring me and – more importantly – my images in a couple of web features. The first will be in their learning section, Inside the Image, in which various photographers share information on how they captured specific images, what inspired them, what equipment they used, etc. Take a look at Inside the Image to learn some great things from amazing photographers. (Current features are Gene Martin, Frans Lanting, and Andrew Kornylak.)

Later in the month, after the Nikon World issue is sent out, I’ll be featured in the Nikon World portfolio section. This area features photographers who were profiled in Nikon World Magazine, and in it they describe in detail the nuts and bolts of the images featured in the article. You can simply load the page and listen to the audio. Great tips and inspiration for your photography. Current featured photographers are Gene Martin, Chip Simons, and Irene Owsley. You can also listen to back issues of the portfolio section here, featuring photography legends like James Balog, Dan Cox, Bill Hatcher, Steve McCurry, Chris Johns, Beth Wald, and many others.

This is all free on the web…just another example of how Nikon takes those extra steps to help you create amazing images!

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