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In Memoriam: Bradford Washburn, 1910-2007

With great sadness I received the news this morning that Bradford Washburn, an inspirational man, climber, photographer, and academic with a resume which defies imagination, passed away last night, January 10, 2007.

His dedication to climbing, photography, science, and preservation were nearly beyond measure, and his passing leaves me at once saddened at the loss of such a great man, but also inspired by the life he lead, the example he set, and the greatness for which we all can strive.

His background is far too extensive for me to go into here and now, so instead I’ll point those who are interested to come great links online:

Bradfordwashburn1Visibility UnlimitedOutside Magazine
Bradford WashburnWikipedia
Photographing in high Places – Some of Bradford’s photography
Biography of Bradford – King Albert Memorial Foundation
Eye of a Legend – More images of Bradford’s on Outside Online
The Life of Bradford WashburnThe Boston Globe

There is much, much more to be found online on this amazing man. Read, and be inspired!


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