Technical difficulties…

Salaam aleikum once more from Marrakech!!

Unfortunately, I encountered both technical difficulties with sending dispatches from my laptop and satellite phone during the past 8 days, and also physical difficulties with a lack of internet cafés from which to send updates. So, I will upate briefly now and send the dispatches upon my return home.

In brief, Art and I had a wonderful trip. Morocco is truly a land of contrasts…From the modern, swanky European streets of the Hivernage district to the ancient, mazelike souks of the old medina, Marrakech bounces between centuries like few other places. And, geographically Morocco dazzles as well…From 12 inches of fresh snow on the slopes of Toubkal to the sweltering sands of the Sahara along the Algerian border, we transitioned from alpine to desert with ease.

There is too much to convey in brief right now, and I have more souks to explore before tomorrow’s departure…And, this Arabic keyboard is less-than easy to type on! So, as the eerie call to prayer echoes enticingly from the minaret of the 12th Century Koutoubia Mosque nearby, I bid you Salaam, and shukran bezzef (thank you).

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