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Brotherhood 2

Charles Houston & The Brotherhood of the Rope

As I listened to Houston recount his team’s experiences on K2 so many years ago, their harrowing rescue attempt to save the life of teammate Art Gilke, and the dramatic arrest of the falling team by Pete Schoening, I couldn’t help but think of my good friend Dave Hahn and the climate on Everest these days.

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A proper farewell for Francys Arsentiev

On May 2 on, I reported on the story of Ian Woodall’s intentions to give final resting peace to …

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Everest 2007: Summits, Rescues, and Heroism

The Everest 2007 summit season is well underway, with many summits from both sides of the mountain. Sadly, though, the …

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David Sharp, Everest, ethics, & climbing

Through David Zinger’s blog, I came across a great discussion on a great website, the Ethics Scoreboard. This article is …

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Brotherhood of the Rope

The term Brotherhood of the Rope is not a new one in mountaineering and climbing circles; it refers to the …

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Business and climbing

I came upon a great post today from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Inside Entrepreneurship section. In it, writer Susan Schreter compares …

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Inspirational Quotations

I love quotes. I collect them when I come upon them. I rabidly underline all my books, making note of …

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Don’t Think…Blink

In my keynote, Climb Your Everest, I touch on several concepts which are essential in climbing both the physical Mount …

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