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Jake Norton on CBS, ABC, and elsewhere!

It’s been a busy Everest season, and even though I was not on the mountain this year, I ended up being interviewed for several media pieces on the activities on Everest this spring.

Tonight (Friday, June 1) I will be featured on the CBS Denver nightly newscast. The piece, which focuses on the amazing story and mystery of Everest pioneers George Mallory & Andrew Irvine, was shot by CBS Colorado Getaways producer Doug Whitehead, and the segment will air again on Colorado Getaways on Saturday, June 2, at 6:30 PM on CBS4, Denver. Tune in to see the program either night!

Additionally, last week I got a call from ABC News journalist Wendy Brundige who was writing a story on the amazing accomplishments on Everest this year…and the crowds. From Apa Sherpa’s record breaking 17th ascent of Everest to Samantha Larson’s summit at age 18 to the record 514 summits of the mountain this spring, it was a busy year with many implications for the peak and for climbing in general.

Since I write and speak about Everest and how it relates to all of our lives, Wendy contacted my as a source for her article, which I was impressed by. Read it here.

The Rocky Mountain News also seems to have been tuning into my blog, specifically to my post on climber Ian Woodall’s plans – and follow through – to give a proper resting place to Francys "Fran" Arsentiev, who passed away along with her husband Sergei high on Everest in 1998. Rocky writer Jean Torkelson put together a nice piece on Fran, available online here.

And, finally, back in June, 2006, after the tragic death of David Sharp and the subsequent amazing survival of Lincoln Hall on Everest, I commented on an article in Colorado Biz Magazine written by editor Mike Taylor and entitled Everest Obsession A Cold Business Sometimes. Mike remembered my comment, and thus contacted me a few weeks back for commentary on the current climate on Everest for a new article, On the edge: Launching a business demands an appetite for risk – a trait some entrepreneurs also exhibit outside the office. Mike and his team also chose to run one of my images from Everest in 2003 to illustrate the great article they put together.

So, it has been a busy few weeks for me, and I hope you’ll all enjoy the articles and clips!

Jake Norton is an Everest climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.

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