Everest Rocks!

A few weeks ago, I posted about the trek I will help lead and photograph this October – Everest Rocks!

The brainchild of leukemia survivors James Chippendale and Mike Peters of the Welsh rock band The Alarm, the Love Hope Strength Foundation was founded to develop an international network of cancer patients, support, information, and treatment. As their mission statement online states:

Everyone will be touched by cancer in their lifetime. Its a global problem in need of a global solution.

The Love Hope Strength Foundation (LHSF) is an international charity with chapters in the US, UK and Australia. Founded by leukemia survivors Mike Peters of the Welsh rock band the Alarm and President of CSI Entertainment James Chippendale with the goal that ALL people should have the same opportunities they did to overcome cancer; access to information, quality cancer treatment and the best medications available.

Cancer Center Support Network

The Love Hope Strength Foundation will be providing critical funding for cancer centers worldwide so that ALL people have access to quality treatment and given the best chance at survival.

Our first project is with The Nepal Cancer Relief Society. We will be helping the Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital build the infrastructure of its clinic by providing them with much needed equipment and funding. In a country where the Avg. annual income is $300 a year our support is going a long way to save lives NOW.

This will be our test market for future projects. With clinics all over the world desperate for equipment and funding the goal is to have LHS sponsored clinics all over the world providing treatment and saving thousands of lives.

Online Patient Support Network

Launching the first quarter of 2008 the online support network will provide filtered listing of informative websites so you can learn as much as possible about the challenge you are facing. This will include providing the, “Ten tools for triumph”, links to the leading doctors, treatments, hospitals, treatment centers, medications, holistic options, diet, exercise, meditation/prayer, clinical trials, books and support groups.

Quite a mission, but with the passion and drive of James Chippendale and Mike Peters – coupled with the collective voice of the music industry – they will be successful.

Below is a video of Mike and James talking about the Love Hope Strength Foundation, their commitment to helping people worldwide in their fight against cancer, and the Everest Rocks! project:

Jake Norton
is an Everest climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational
speaker from Colorado.

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    DSDJuly 25,07

    I admire your continued efforts at being connected Jake and at giving back…
    This will be an amazing journey!

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