Climb Everest’s Northeast Ridge with Jake Norton’s images & Conrad Anker’s voice!

Tdev07701 I am an avid listener to National Public Radio, and here in Colorado we are fortunate to have a station that delivers news and information 24/7. One of my favorite programs is Public Radio International’s The World, a wonderful daily look into the issues facing the greater world we live in.

Two weeks ago, I was surprised to hear the same voice on my voicemail as I was hearing through my radio: Carol Hills. A producer and journalist for The World, Carol was putting together an audio slideshow of a climb of the Northeast Ridge of Everest, narrated by my friend Conrad Anker.

Having been fortunate enough – or simply dumb enough – to photograph more assignments on Everest’s Northeast Ridge than almost anyone else, Conrad suggested Carol get images from me.

It was a fun project, culling through the literally tens of thousands of images in my stock files from my trips to the Tibetan side of Everest in 1999, 2001, 2003, & 2004. It wasn’t easy to pull the images, as each one of them tells a unique story and has a personal meaning to me. But, finally, I got the images selected and sent off to Carol.

She finished the audio slideshow and got it uploaded just before the Chinese brought the Olympic Torch to the summit of Everest – and I think she did a wonderful job!

Take a look at it below, or visit PRI’s The World to see the show on their site and watch other audio slideshows as well.


Jake Norton is an Everest climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.

  1. Kraig
    KraigMay 15,08

    Really awesome video Jake! Your photos never cease to amaze me. Great stuff.

  2. DSD
    DSDMay 16,08

    Very unique and really creative!
    What a special way to share one of the greatest adventures out there…

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