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Everything you need…nothing you don’t: Eddie Bauer returns.


Many of you have probably noticed I've been away from posting for quite some time. Along with lots of work speaking, shooting images, and working for the American Mountaineering Museum, I've also – since July – been involved in an exciting new project: the return of Eddie Bauer to its roots as the premier mountain outfitter in the world.

Bauer's history is the great mountains of the world is unparalleled:

  • The 2nd American attempt on K2 (1953)
  • The First Ascent of Gasherbrum I in



  • The First Ascent of Masherbrum in



  • The First American Ascent of Everest (1963)
  • The First Ascent of the Everest West Ridge (1963)
  • The First Ascent of Mount Kennedy in



  • The First Ascent of Vinson Massif in



  • The First American Ascent of Dhaulagiri in



  • The First American Ascent of Peak Lenin in the Russian Pamirs (1974)
  • The First Ascent of the North Ridge of Nanda Devi in



  • The First Ascent of Great Trango Tower in



  • The First American Ascent of Makalu in



  • The First Ascent of the Everest East Face (1983)

And, now, Bauer has teamed with friends and colleagues of mine to create truly a "dream team" of not  just climbers, but collaborators on every element of the new line of clothing and equipment. Peter Whittaker, Ed Viesturs, Dave Hahn, Melissa Arnot, Seth Waterfall, and Chad Peele round out the team of uber-experienced climbers and guides. I'm fortunate enough to be on board as photographer and a team member, and can say this is easily the most exciting project I've been involved with.

If you want to read more about the new First Ascent live by Eddie Bauer/Whittaker Mountaineering, please read the full press release here. Ad, check out the video below. And, be sure to visit www.firstascent.com for more information and to signup for the newsletter.

And, of course, check back here for updates!

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Jake Norton is a climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.

  1. scienceguy288
    scienceguy288February 27,09

    That is quite the summit list. I can’t wait to hear more about him. I hope all works out with your museum project.

  2. john
    johnDecember 19,09


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