Aconcagua article in Men’s Journal…and online!

Men's Journal article on Aconcagua by Tim Sohn, with images by Jake Norton As some of you know, I was on Mount Aconcagua in Argentina as part of the Eddie Bauer/First Ascent expedition back in January. Along with us was Tim Sohn, a writer who was doing a story for Men's Journal. Aside from being a great guy (and a good climber!), Tim also is a great writer, and put together a nice article on the climb, which appeared in the May, 2009, issue of the magazine.

Several of my images from the expedition also appear in the article. Check it out online at Zinio by clicking the picture above, or here!

Jake Norton is a climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.

  1. Tim Sohn
    Tim SohnJune 18,09

    Thanks for the kind words, Jake, but it’s your photos that really make that story. Besides, nobody reads anymore anyway! A belated congrats on the Everest success. Amazing work over there–those dispatches will be hard for anyone to top. Hope re-entry to (semi) normal life is going smoothly. Best, Tim

  2. Colin
    ColinJune 21,09

    Great article and excellent photographs!


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