Best of Taos Mountain Film to screen at American Mountaineering Center

Best of Taos Mountain Film comes to Golden! From speed riding at over 150 kph down Aconcagua to extreme climbs by Chris Lindner to rarely seen footage of 1964 raids by Tibetan guerrilla fighters from Nepal into occupied Tibet…This and more can be seen at the American Mountaineering Center on Wednesday, August 5th, when Best of Taos comes to town.

Taos MountainFilm is one of the premier mountain, wildlife, and culture film festivals in the world. The Festival presents mountaineering films and
personalities, as well as symposia, photography exhibits, and readings
from mountaineering literature.
Through still and moving images, Taos Mountain Film Festival is
committed to conveying the inspiration to be found in wild places.

The selection of films that will play on August 5th in Foss Auditorium are the best films from 2008's festival, and not to be missed.

And, all proceeds will benefit the Colorado Cancer Foundation and the American Mountaineering Museum! See bottom of the post for ticket and time information.

Films that will show are:

Francois Bon has an interesting if rather dangerous profession: testing new kite and wing designs. His filmed descent of the Eiger Nordwand is now the stuff of mountainfilm legend. Here he applies those techniques to the thinner air found at the summit of Aconcagua. Immediately after the launch he discovered
he was going very fast indeed! 150kph. Francois Bon, France, 2008, 8 mins

A gifted sketch artist observes the antics of the mountain ‘dudes’ in the bar and offers a delightful twist to the adrenaline short film. Dominique Janiszwski, Switzerland, 2007, 6 mins

A subtly historic look into what lies just behind many modern American ski areas. A fascinating glance at two major Colorado industries, mining and skiing. Director Nick Waggoner blends oldtimer wisdom with some of the finest powder skiing and snowboarding filmed in many years. Nick Waggoner, USA, 2008, 27 mins

In 2002 in the film First Base Andre Bach amazed the mountainfilm world with his wild base jumps. Now he’s back at age 35 and, far from settling down, has combined his gymnastic training with his irresistible urge to leap into the void from the highest fixed points around the planet. Matthias Thonnissen Germany, 2007, 10 mins.

Shot in the region of Mustang in 1964 Raid into Tibet chronicles a foray into their own country by a force of Tibetan Khampa guerrillas. The crew of three young filmmakers all went on to great success: Adrian Cowell became an outstanding documentary producer (Decade of Destruction, the Opium Wars), Chris Menges won cinematography Oscars for The Killing Fields and The Mission, and George Patterson’s extensive travels and writings in the region gained him the title of Patterson of Tibet. The combination of these talents and a thrilling escapade produces a rare and exciting report of one of the few violent reactions by the Tibetans to the oppressive Chinese occupation. Adrain Cowell, UK, 1964, 30 mins

Gorgeously filmed among the swirling mists of the Pacific coast Brian Solano’s unusual film shows Chris Lindner, one of the leading young American climbers, enjoying the unique coastal climbing opportunities. His final climb on a spectacular prow demonstrates his prowess on rock, and the prologue allows him a chance to explain the simple philosophy of his chosen lifestyle. Brian Solano, USA, 2007, 15 mins.

Highlighting some of the most stunning footage of modern mountain/ aerial sports woven into a simple and effective narrative format Tyler Young’s fabulous short film will leave you breathless and charmed. Tyler Young, USA, 2007, 6 mins. In Person Tyler Young.

Last year’s Best of Festival film, E11, featured Dave McCleod; he’s back with his wife’s delightful study of her old man training on, and soloing an extremely hard route. Claire McLeod, Scotland, 2007, 6 mins

Date:             Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Time:            6:00pm – 9:00pm
Tickets:         $15.00
Location:       American Mountaineering Center and Museum

Street:          710 10th St.

City/Town:    Golden, CO

Phone:          303-996-2755


Hope to see you there!

Jake Norton is a climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.

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