Healthcare for $1.00 per person, per year

My friN-MT-P-0022: Babou Tamang prepares his daily load in the Langtang Valley, Nepalend Scott MacLennan of The Mountain Fund just posted a great video of his new initiative in the remote Rasuwa District of Nepal. One of the poorer areas in Nepal, Rasuwa was a hotbed of Maoist activity during the recent civil war in Nepal. Before that, it was – and still is – a stunningly beautiful, mountainous region inhabited by generous, kind, and heartbreakingly poor people.

But, Scott and The Mountain Fund are working to change that. Since 2001, they have been working on a project to build a complete healthcare system in the District. They have now built a hospital in the village of Kalikastan and three additional health clinic outposts, reaching nearly all of the district's 44,000 inhabitants.

Now that everything is built, however, The Mountain Fund needs assistance to cover operational costs. But, keep in mind…this is Nepal, not the USA, and thus we're not talking trillions of dollars. Rather, here's a breakdown of how your small donation can help in BIG ways:

  • $1 pays for one person in Rasuwa to have access to this healthcare network for one year
  • $5 pays for an entire family in Rasuwa to have access to this healthcare network for one year
  • $100 pays for one full day's operation of the hospital and three clinics

Pretty amazing to say the least…a few bucks can make a massive difference in the lives of people in this remote region.

Watch the video below, and then please visit The Mountain Fund and make a donation to the Rasuwa District Healthcare project.  

Jake Norton is a climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.

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