In Memoriam: Craig Luebben, 1960-2009

CraigLuebben_2 I didn't know him well, but certainly knew of him. Amazing climber. Kind-hearted man. Inventor of the Big-Bro, making off-width cracks protectable if not climbable.

And, the couple times I met him, at the climbing gym, cragging at North Table Mountain here in Golden, and elsewhere with his wife and daughter at parades, the farmer's market, etc., Craig always struck me as one of those unique figures: extremely talented, relentlessly dedicated, and yet somehow also quiet, kind, humble…

To think that he is now gone saddens me beyond words. There aren't too many details, but it sounds as if he and Willie Benegas were training for their American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) exam on Mount Torment in the Cascades when Craig fell into a moat.

Willie was hurt, but is by-in-large alright.

My thoughts and best wishes go out to Craig's wife, Silvia, and daughter, Giulia Maria.

Read more about the tragic accident on Stewart Green's climbing page

Jake Norton is a climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.

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