Skiing (and snowboarding) down Everest

Lots of news out there recently about the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Expedition, which is on Everest as we speak and hoping in the next month to send a team to the summit and ski back down.

Colin over at the Mount Everest | British Story blog posted today about another famous ski descent of Everest – the first of its kind – when Yuichiro Miura attempted to ski from the summit in 1970. (Interestingly, Yuichiro is also the second oldest person to summit Everest. He climbed it in 2008 at age 75. But, the age record still stands with a Nepali man, Min Bahadur Sherchan, who reached the top in 2008 at age 76!) Drop by the Mount Everest | British Story blog to see the video of Yuiciro Miura's The Man Who Skied Down Everest.

Unfortunately, a lot of people forget the most impressive ski descent of Everest to date…and, the only true descent. No, it wasn't Kit DesLauriers, or Yuichiro Miura, nor will it be the Indo-Tibetan Border Police if they are successful this year.

Rather, it was a relatively quiet man named Davorin "Davo" Karničar. On October 7, 2000, Davo pulled off what no one had before*: a full ski descent of Everest, from top to bottom. An amazing feat, strangely Davo has gotten scant recognition for his feat. Check out this video below of some of Davo's impressive ski descents:

* Another oft-forgotten feat of Everest is Marco Siffredi's snowboard descent of the Great (or Norton) Couloir on Everest's North Face in May, 2001. Marco tragically died on an attempt the following year to snowboard the stunning Hornbein Couloir. See the video below for shots of Marco snowboarding on Everest in 2001 (scroll forward to about 6:35 for the Everest footage):

Jake Norton is an Everest climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.

  1. riley
    rileyAugust 19,09

    i’ve often thought it was weird that these two didn’t get the publicity that many less bold expeditions get.
    huge respect to both individuals.

  2. Shower Stall
    Shower StallJanuary 19,10

    Those two are borderline insane in my opinion.

  3. Galactic Snow Sports coupon
    Galactic Snow Sports couponAugust 10,12

    Climbing up the Everest is already a feat in itself which requires stamina, energy and will-power. Climbing up and then having the energy to manoeuvre yourself down the world’s highest mountain on a pair of skis is a marvellous achievement which very few people dare to risk their lives for. It is very strange that Mr Karnicar did not get widespread coverage of his achievement and it is a pity really. I am sure that personally he is very pleased with himself, but getting publicity and becoming renowned for this descent is equally important. I was very sorry to hear about Mr Siffredi’s unfortunate death. These people literally put their life at stake and the media should give them all the coverage they can get, as their love for the sport is amazing.

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