Unseen 1922 Everest images and video footage found

George Mallory and E.F. Norton approach their record setting high point of 26,985 feet on the north-east ridge of Mount Everest. T.H. Somervell, 1922.

It reminds me of that final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when the Ark is loaded into a crate and wheeled into some basement storage at the Smithsonian…The Royal Geographic Society has just announced that it has discovered a host of previously-unknown photographs and film footage from the 1922 Everest expedition.

The second Everest expedition ever, the 1922 attempt made huge strides in Everest climbing. On May 22, 1922, George Mallory, Howard Somervell, and Teddy Norton set an oxygenless altitude record of nearly 27,000 feet on the North Ridge. And, the next day, Geoffrey Bruce and George Ingle Finch set a record – using oxygen – of 27,400 feet. With enthusiasm for the summit, Mallory led a final summit assault later that month which ended in tragedy when a massive avalanche killed seven porters on the North Col Headwall.

It will be pretty neat to see the images and video footage…It's not everyday that something new is put into the public eye from these historic expeditions.

The RGS will be displaying the images and video footage on a new website, to launch on October 15, 2009.

If you want to see some other interesting and not often seen images from the early days on Everest, be sure to stop on by the Bentley Beetham Photographic Collection…very cool!

Jake Norton is an Everest climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.

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