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You've heard about the great gear by First Ascent from me recently…Now, Eddie Bauer wants to help you get out and use it.

Many people might have forgotten it, but Eddie Bauer has its roots in pioneering first ascents around the world. Some of those include:

•The First Ascent of Gasherbrum I in Pakistan (1958)
•The First Ascent of Masherbrum in Pakistan (1960)
•The First American Ascent of Everest (1963)
•The First Ascent of Everest's West Ridge (1963)
•The First Ascent of Mount Kennedy in Canada (1965)
•The First Ascent of Vinson Massif in Antarctica (1966)
•The First American Ascent of Dhaulagiri in Nepal (1973)
•The First American Ascent of Peak Lenin in the Russian Pamirs (1974)
•The First Ascent of the North Ridge of Nanda Devi in India (1976)
•The First Ascent of Great Trango Tower in Pakistan (1977)
•The First American Ascent of Makalu in Nepal (1980)
•The First Ascent of Everest's East (Kangshung) Face (1983)

And, now, they're helping others "be first" by offering partial and full sponsorship of expeditions. So far, they've sponsored the Artic Surf Expedition, and are gearing up for the 9,000 Meter Challenge. And, Bauer is now accepting proposals for new expeditions. As they say:

If you've got an untamable spirit of adventure, BE FIRST is for you. The program is an opportunity to be partially or fully sponsored when you go for the summit or otherwise test your limits. We know the value of adventure. We’ve been there, many times. So if you’ve got a passion for pushing the envelope, send us your proposal. We can help make it happen.

Got a plan for something new? Dream big. Set your sights high. And submit a proposal…you never know where it may lead!

Jake Norton is an Everest climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.

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