National Geographic Adventure…is no more…

NGASome sad news coming today from Steve Casimiro, West Coast Editor at National  Geographic Adventure. On his blog, The Adventure Life, Steve reports today that National Geographic decided to end Adventure's ten year run as one of the top adventure and outdoor magazines in the world.

According to Steve, it's final issue is the December/January issue, which is on newsstands now.

I've had a great time not only reading, but also contributing to, Adventure over the years, and my heart goes out to Steve, founding Editor John Rasmus, and all the others affected by the closing.

Steve put it quite well at the end of his post:

For those of you who are just passing readers of the magazine, its demise might
be a mere curiosity or random note of economic discord. But for those of us who
care about good writing, great photography, insight and curiosity and advocacy
for an engaged relationship with the world at large, it is a truly remorseful
day. The outdoor culture is far emptier for this news. Magazines are, of course,
businesses, and some of them are nakedly commercial. But some are built around
an idea or a calling, and these, the best of them, can create an emotional bond
with their readership based on shared philosophy, common passion, and mutual
respect. National Geographic Adventure’s tagline, “Dream It. Plan It. Do It.”,
is a powerful call to action. More critically, it puts the focus on the reader,
where it should be, to get up, get out, and get going. If past experience is any
guide, those of us who have been connected to National Geographic Adventure,
either as readers, contributors, or both, will carry fragments of that DNA with
us, whether we’re writing, shooting photos, or simply out in the world. The
magazine might not have survived this economy, but its ideals will. And for
that, we should be thankful.

Jake Norton is an Everest climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.
  1. riley
    rileyDecember 3,09

    can you believe this?
    i LOVED that magazine.
    i’ve got every issue of it on my bookshelf.

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