Climb like Hillary – or Mallory, or Noyce, or Tenzing

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Or at least look like them when you're on the streets of Manhattan.

Back in September, 2009, I wrote about fashion designer Nigel Cabourn's new/old designs inspired by some of the great adventurers of yesteryear. Well, he's back at it with more designs.

image from New this year are the Everest Parka, the Tenzing Classic Tweed, the Cameraman (inspired by Wilfrid Noyce, which is strange since Noyce was more of a writer than a photographer), and more.

The only hitch is that outfitting yourself in Cabourn's adventure-inspired gear might cost about as much as an Everest expedition. The Everest Parka, in limited edition, sells for $3,450.

Jake Norton is an Everest climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.

  1. Mount Everest
    Mount EverestAugust 20,10

    Very cool jacket but a little out of my price range. I wonder how many would opt to try it out on a 8000m mountain today!


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  2. Jake Norton
    Jake NortonAugust 20,10

    Yeah, my thoughts, too. Probably looks sporty in London, Manhattan, or Tokyo, though!!

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