A Roving Genius of Mind & Mountains: Bradford Washburn, the Man Behind the Lens

Bradford Washburn, Mt. Huntington, looking south west at twilight,1964. While perhaps not as well known as some of his contemporaries from the famed Harvard 5, Bradford Washburn had a climbing and photography career that spanned 6 decades and charted new ground in various arenas. 

So revolutionary in the art of landscape photography, Washburn's work even caught the eye and mouth of Ansel Adams, who wrote: "Bradford Washburn is one of the very few people who have combined spectacular experience in the wilderness with equally spectacular achievements in the world of civilization. One never knows what next to expect from this roving genius of mind and mountains."

The Boston Museum of Science – of which Washburn was the founder – currently has a special exhibit entitled Bradford Washburn: The Man Behind the Lens. On display are his famed K-22 camera and some of his hand-drawn maps, as well as a host of other memorabilia from his rich life. 

So, if you're in the Boston area, be sure to visit the Museum of Science and learn more about Washburn. 

And, while you're at it, might as well head on over to the Panopticon Gallery to check out Washburn's aerial photographs, as well as those of Vittorio Sella and other great artists. 

Jake Norton is an Everest climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.



  1. Beth Heller
    Beth HellerOctober 8,10

    Just yesterday the American Alpine Club Library started the giant task of organizing our Bradford Washburn archives – the project is so new we haven’t even had time to post about it, but stay tuned to the AACLibrary blog to watch what we uncover in this hidden collection at http://aaclibrary.wordpress.com!

  2. Jake Norton
    Jake NortonOctober 8,10

    Thanks for that news, Beth. Definitely keep us posted – there are some amazing images in the archive!!

  3. Jake Norton
    Jake NortonOctober 8,10

    And, the url for the Library should be http://aaclibrary.wordpress.com Check it out!

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    cheapnbajerseyssaleMay 28,12

    Awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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