Aerial images by GeoEye of Everest with route and note overlays added by Jake Norton.

Everest from the Air…with Routes & Features

A lot of you were interested in the aerial image of Everest from GeoEye I blogged about last week. I received several questions about what exactly we were looking at, and what features, ridges, etc., were visible.

So, I took a few moments to make some notations on the high-res image from GeoEye, listing the prominent routes (Northeast & Southeast Ridges) as well as some of the other notable features. This is by no means comprehensive, but might give a bit more perspective on the image posted initially.

Everest aerial image from GeoEye - with features routes & notations-smallClick the image for the high-res version.


Jake Norton is an Everest climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.

  1. Pete Poston
    Pete PostonNovember 8,10

    Beautiful image! I read on their website the GeoEye resolution is 0.5 meters. Want to go in together and buy one? 🙂

  2. t young
    t youngNovember 8,10


    Thanks for putting this up and overlaying the routes…gorgeous photo. Brings back some amazing memories!
    I sure enjoy your Blog, by the way. I’m glad you put the links on FB.


  3. Sujoy Das
    Sujoy DasNovember 9,10

    Thnks Jake.. all the routes are clear now!

  4. Jake Norton
    Jake NortonNovember 9,10

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    Thanks, Trynt! It is a cool photo, and a pretty neat perspective.
    Hope all is well with you and the family! Let me know if you're ever in this
    neck of the woods!

    From: TypePad

  5. Jake Norton
    Jake NortonNovember 9,10

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    Glad it helped, Sujoy. Enjoy!

    From: TypePad

  6. Getty Images Philippines
    Getty Images PhilippinesJanuary 20,11

    What a view from the top. Nice evaluation of route. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Jake of Where The? Travels
    Jake of Where The? TravelsAugust 15,11

    This is my ultimate dream right there! Oh man, I can only read and read a million times about this and still it gives me goosebumps. Everest, when will I ever reach you? Hehe Thanks for the tips and tricks man, next time someone asks me about Everest, I’ll tell them about your tips. Hehe

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