Ready To Depart for Antarctica

We’re here in Punta Arenas; the entire team is doing well, excited,
all our bags arrived, we’re packed, and ready to depart – we hope –
early tomorrow morning.

It’s exciting, and will be a first time onto the Ice for everyone on
the team but Peter Whittaker. If all goes well, we’ll fly to Union
Glacier camp at 5:00 tomorrow morning, and perhaps continue on to
Vinson Basecamp later in the day. That would be only with great
blessings from the weather gods, but we’re all keeping our fingers

It’s late, as always (but still light as day in the far south, even at
10:00 PM), so time to sign off for now. But, please stop on by the
First Ascent blog ( to follow along on our
progress. A post of mine was just put up there – Jake Norton Reflects
on Personal Sacrifices, Rewards of Antarctica Expedition
– and there will be much more to follow.

Enjoy, Happy New Year, and stay tuned for more!

– Jake Norton

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