My Rwenzori Reflections: What Really Matters…

image from I finally wrote up my reflections on the Rwenzori Expedition.

Stop on over at the Challenge21 blog if you're interested in my take on the trip, what really matters to me in climbing, and why this was the first expedition in my 25+ years of climbing to really make me proud.


Jake Norton is an Everest climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.

  1. Mike R.
    Mike R.May 23,12

    Was great to read about these strange mountains. Had always loved Bill Tilmans’s writings about his ascent of these peaks in the 1930s. A great revisit–thanks

  2. cheapnbajerseyssale
    cheapnbajerseyssaleMay 28,12

    Awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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