Challenge21 Announces 21 Days of Giving…and Winning!

IN-WB-0111 copy_1Tomorrow's a big day – December 1.

First and foremost, it's my amazing wife's (and Challenge21 co-founder) birthday. Wende will turn 37 tomorrow, and in the 14 years I've known her, she's been a continuing source of inspiration for me.

You see, Wende's all about giving. She gives her all in everything she does, be it being a supportive partner for her climbing husband; an incredible mother to our two children; a dedicated friend, sister, daughter, and colleague to many. And, of course, Wende gives daily through her work with Water For People. She's been there nearly a decade, and helped create incredible change around the world in that time.

But, let's be honest: Wende also likes to get things (as we all do), and she's certainly not opposed to winning – she beats me at 99% of the games we ever play.

Given that, it's particularly apropos that we kick off a special campaign tomorrow: 21 Days of Giving.

Yes, giving…but also winning.

Starting tomorrow, and running for 21 days, we'll have a great set of questions and challenges on the Challenge21 Facebook page. They'll range from spreading the word about Challenge21 to answering a question about the mountains or the work of Water For People to donating funds to Water For People via Challenge21.

And, there'll be the chance to win some great prizes from our partner, First Ascent…things like a BC-200, Hangfire Hoodie, and more.

Giving…and winning. What could be better?

Stay tuned to the Challenge21 Facebook page for the start of things tomorrow!

And, Wende will be proud it's all starting on her birthday. Be sure to drop her a good wish on her wall if you get a second!

Jake Norton is an Everest climber, guide, photographer, writer, and motivational speaker from Colorado.

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