Just a few hundred of the many thousands people living on Sagar Island in the Bay of Bengal commuting by boat through crocodile infested waters to nearest big port, Diamond Harbor. Photo taken by Jake on Water For People field visit with Wende and Lila in November 2008.

The Snows of Everest to the Bay of Bengal

I’m sitting here at basecamp, preparing to head back uphill in one day to continue climbing toward the West Shoulder. As the days pass and summer temperatures begin to warm, I’m seeing snow and ice crystals melt into water, turn into rivulets, into streams, into rivers which flow into small glacial lakes here at basecamp. They in turn flow down valley, dumping into the Dudh Kosi and Imja Khola rivers, making the long journey of water from the Himalaya to the Ganges and eventually pouring into the Bay of Bengal. It’s an amazing process to watch, flakes of snow beginning their journey across the continent. And, equally amazing to think what these clean, pristine flakes of snow will encounter on their journey through the industrial wastes of urban Kathmandu, the masses of humanity along the Ganges in Varanasi and elsewhere, and what condition they will be in by the time they reach their destination at Kapil Muni on Sagar Island, near Water For People work in West Bengal.

And, watching the snow now falling, and knowing that these flakes, too, will melt tomorrow and join the procession, I’m reminded of a great Tibetan proverb: Do not take lightly small, good deeds, thinking they can hardly help. For single drops of water, one by one, will in time fill a giant sea.

Today is the final day of the first of the three Triple Summit Giveaways. This first giveaway has awesome prizes from Piggyback RiderEddie BauerEco Vessel, and Live Worldly. So please join us in filing that giant sea!

This first winner will be announced tomorrow, May 4th.

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