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@firstascent on the Christmas tree…

@firstascent on the Christmas tree at my mother’s house…Microtherm all in the family.

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A great day last week…

A great day last week hearing stories and emotions from 50 years ago on #Everest, from a great friend and, much as he hates the designation, a hero, Tom Hornbein.

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Instagram Photo Caption: Untitled View in Instagram ⇒

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A very proud Lila with…

A very proud Lila with her Gingerbread Construction Site – Bob the Builder beware!

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Chiyaa, or Nepali tea, Chaubas…

Chiyaa, or Nepali tea, Chaubas style. Chaubas, a tiny village high above Dolalghat in the Kavre-Palanchok district of #Nepal, hasn’t changed much in 50 years. In 1963, the American Mount #Everest Expedition stopped here, and the idea to attempt to climb the West Ridge was cemented by Tom Hornbein, Willi Unsoeld, & the “West Ridgers”. A cool step back in time from our expedition last spring.

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Hornbein Couloir on Everest: I’ve…

Hornbein Couloir on Everest: I’ve been rReading and doing a lot of work lately on the story of The West Ridge ascent in 1963. One of my favorite views of the crux of the route: the Hornbein Couloir.

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How old is that can…

How old is that can of Coors? Old school charm in the hills…

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Great day exploring the Lost…

Great day exploring the Lost Creek Wilderness.

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It’s a wrap, folks. Wish…

It’s a wrap, folks. Wish I could sleep like that.

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Instagram Photo Caption: Untitled Photo taken at: Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery View in Instagram ⇒

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