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Kind of over the shoveling,…

Kind of over the shoveling, but love seeing all the moisture after a dry winter. We need all the #water we can get!

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The sketchiness of the Khumbu…

The sketchiness of the Khumbu Icefall just before almost getting flattened by the ice cliffs above in 2012. #latergram

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One year ago, up on…

One year ago, up on the West Shoulder of #Everest with @davidcmorton – good times, good memories.

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Spring awakening…beautiful. #naturesalwaysinspires

Spring awakening…beautiful. #naturesalwaysinspires

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Exciting times, riding the new…

Exciting times, riding the new W Line on Fasttrax from Golden to Denver. Yahoo #lightrail … #longtimecoming.

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Enjoying yet another great #Everest…

Enjoying yet another great #Everest 50th event with The Mountaineers, @eddiebauer, and a panel with Tom Hornbein, Jim Whittaker, and Brent Bishop.

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Finding Family In India

Finding Family in India

    In 2008, when our daughter, Lila, was just 14 months old, we took her on quite an adventure …

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A good afternoon adventure off…

A good afternoon adventure off route on Mt. Galbraith, yielding fresh lion tracks, fresh deer kills, and of course cool bone collecting. Intrepid explorers Lila and Ryrie had a good haul!

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Without knowledge action is useless, and knowledge without action is futile. – Abu Bakr – Sitting, shivering in the frigid …

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#Everest prints ready to hang…

#Everest prints ready to hang in the American Mountaineering Museum in Golden. Cool to see the big prints on metal!

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