Finding Family In India

Finding Family in India



In 2008, when our daughter, Lila, was just 14 months old, we took her on quite an adventure deep into the hinterlands of West Bengal, India. We were there to visit Water For People field sites with some of their donors – and also to expose Lila to how most of the world lives.

For Wende and I, that has always been a focus: ensuring that our children understand the world and its myriad of peoples, places, cultures, and worldviews.

The article below, “Finding Family in India”, is a reflection on that ideal and the importance of travel and world experience to Wende and I, and hopefully to our children. It appears in the Spring, 2013, Outfitter Book by Eddie Bauer. Click the image below to read the article, or click here to access a PDF of the full Outfitter Book with great articles from my Eddie Bauer teammates.

Finding Family in India

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