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Met a little friend while…

Met a little friend while packing in the garage. Biggest black widow I’ve ever seen – body the size of a big thimble! #lookbeforeyoureach

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Another great film by @pedromcbride…

Another great film by @pedromcbride at #MountainFilm on the story of #water, this tine in #Kenya.

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Social services, go away! Bear…

Social services, go away! Bear trap courtesy of @pedromcbride with Lila at #MountainFilm.

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May 23, 1963: Dave Dingman,…

May 23, 1963: Dave Dingman, with Germe Dorje Sherpa, made his second rescue of the expedition, helping Tom Hornbein, Willi Unsoeld, Barry Bishop, and Lute Jerstad down from their bivouac at 28,000 feet on #Everest. Amazing history. Sharing it all with High And Hallowed tomorrow night at @mountainfilm. #highandhallowed #everest1963

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50 years ago today, Tom…

50 years ago today, Tom Hornbein and Willi Unsoeld were making their way up the Hornbein Couloir to Camp 5 West on #Everest for their summit bid on the West Ridge, supported by Barry Corbet, Al Auten, and some amazing Sherpa. Amazing ascent. #climbinghistoryandheroes

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As the summit pushes ramp…

As the summit pushes ramp up on #Everest, wishing all my friends there safe climbing. In this shot from 2009, Peter Whittaker climbs to Camp 3 on the Lhotse Face. #latergram

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@pedromcbride rocking the mandolin after…

@pedromcbride rocking the mandolin after a fun presentation at Proctor Academy. Multi-talented…

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The biggest avalanche I’ve ever…

The biggest avalanche I’ve ever seen, of the West Shoulder and completely covering the Khumbu Icefall and Basecamp on #Everest, in 2009. #latergram

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Great day in the hills…

Great day in the hills of Alderfer/Three Sisters with Lila & Ryrie, who love their new bottles…thanks, @vapur !

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