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Happy Gangetic Dolphin Day!

Today, October 5th, is Dolphin Day here in India, a day to celebrate the elusive and rare Gangetic freshwater dolphin. One of only three remaining species of freshwater dolphin in the world, the Gangetic dolphin population is currently estimated to be only about 1,800 members, and thus still an endangered species despite efforts to save it.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to visit the World Wildlife Fund’s Gangetic dolphin field sites near Karnavas in Uttar Pradesh. Our host, Dr. Sandeep Behara from WWF, shared with us a great deal on information about the “ghost of the Ganges”, and his dedicated field staff took us out on a great, albeit unsuccessful, mission to locate one of the estimates 13 individual dolphins that live near Karnavas.

We’ll continue to look for the Gangetic dolphin as we make our way downstream in the weeks to come. But, in the meantime, please join me and all of the #GangaS2S team as we celebrate the Gangetic dolphin today, applaud the efforts of WWF-India and their stakeholders, and keep pushing for a clean and healthy Ganga for all.

Please visit WWF-India to learn more and support this important work!

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  1. Colin Wallace
    Colin WallaceOctober 5,13

    ‘Dolphin Day’ sounds a great idea, more so to bring attention to these beautiful creatures. I would love to swim with dolphins, I expect that you probably already have done so Jake.


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