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In #Varanasi, the sacred city…

Instagram Photo Caption: In #Varanasi, the sacred city along the #Ganges, you’d think #Halloween was an everyday affair. In this place, the elderly and sick come to die on the banks of the sacred river; cremations with massive funeral pyres burn around the clock; and lavishly decorated #Shaivite sadhus like this man – devotees of Lord #Shiva, the God of Destruction in the Hindu trinity – walk the streets, bodies often smeared with human ash and clad in little more than a loin cloth. But, creepy and Halloween-y it is not: Varanasi, a city where many come to die, is a place of intense beauty, love, passion, and light radiating from without and within. Thanks @eddiebauer @microsoftcorporation #Surface @natgeo & #Ambuja from #GangaS2S! @pedromcbride @davidcmorton

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