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One of the most important…

Instagram Photo Caption: One of the most important tributaries to the #Ganges, the #Yamuna starts at #Yamnotri in the high Himalaya; its waters bring life to the foothills in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. Its makes a difficult run through the mega-metropolis of New #Delhi where most of the city’s raw human waste and industrial effluvia go straight into the river, turning it into an effectively dead river. It continues to flow through #Agra, past the iconic Taj Mahal, and eventually joins the Ganges at #Prayag, or #Allahabad. Here, @davidcmorton and @pedromcbride conduct a water ecology test near the Taj in a river of hot, black, fetid soup. #GangaS2S #surface @eddiebauer #dontswiminyamuna

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