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An oryx, or gemsbok, (Oryx gazella) lies dead after becoming entangled in a rancher's barbed-wire fence in South Africa.

Thursday Thought: Robert Michael Pyle, Nature Bats Last, and the Optimism of Pessimism

I was in my junior year in high school – way back in 1990 – when Robert Michael Pyle’s words …

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Antarctica Panorama by Jake Norton.

Massive Panorama from Antarctica’s Vinson Massif

Going through the archives again, I came upon this panorama I shot in 2011 on the Branscomb Glacier in Antarctica. …

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A man prays in the brackish waters of the Hoogly (Ganges) River as it nears the Bay of Bengal at Fairley Ghat, Kolkata, India.

Thursday Thought: Ganges, Revered and Reviled

I’m putting together a presentation on the Himalaya and the Ganges River today for my daughter’s first grade class, and …

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Another panorama from #Everest, this…

Another panorama from #Everest, this time from the South Col at 26,000 feet. Taken on the 2009 @eddiebauer Everest expedition. Check out the full, interactive version on the #MountainWorld blog, or on the @gigapansystems website.

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Panorama of Mount Everest from the South Col, 26,000 feet

Interactive Panorama of Everest from the South Col

On Monday, I posted a huge panorama I took in 2012 of Mount Everest from Pumori Camp 1. And, I …

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Cropped bit of a #gigapixel…

Cropped bit of a #gigapixel panorama of Mount #Everest shot from #Pumori Camp 1 in 2012. Check out the full, interactive version on my blog, thanks to @gigapansystems. Go to Enjoy!

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Panorama of Mount Everest from Pumori Camp 1, Nepal, 2012. The image shows Mount Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, and the surrounding peaks, including those far down valley. © Jake Norton / MountainWorld Productions.

Mount Everest Gigapan Image from Pumori

I’ve been going through the archives a bit here recently, and was looking again at some of my gigapan panorama …

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