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Northeast Ridge of Mount Everest panorama

Instagram Photo Caption: On the evening of June 7, 1924, from their perch at nearly 27,000 feet on the North Ridge of #Everest, #Mallory and #Irvine almost certainly climbed the small gendarme above their small tent to gaze at the next day’s objective.

This #panorama, taken in 2004 with Dave Hahn from modern Camp VI, shows the Northeast Ridge and it’s challenging terrain: from left to right are the obvious features of the First, Second, and Third Steps and the final summit pyramid.

I can only imagine George Mallory would have gazed upon this view with a complicated mix of excitement and trepidation: parts of the ridge look straightforward from here, but the Second Step is a daunting, sawtooth jag of rock sticking from the Ridge like a ship’s prow. Could they climb it? Was there a way up the face of the Step our along its crest? Would he and Irvine, the following day, become the first people to stand on top of the world?
With those thoughts and more in his head, Mallory sent down a final note with their #Sherpa to Noel #Odell at Camp IV:

Dear Noel, We’ll probably start early to-morrow (8th) in order to have clear weather. It won’t be too early to start looking for us either crossing the rock band under the pyramid or going up skyline at 8.0 p.m. (sic)
Yours ever, G. Mallory

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