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Dawn casts long shadows across the plains…

Dawn casts long shadows across the plains of western #Tibet and on the slopes of #Gurla #Mandhata from the village of #Darchen. Rarely climbed, Gurla, aka #Naimon’nyi, is a 25,500 foot peak just south of sacred Mount #Kailash and the sacred lakes of #Manasarovar and #Raksas Tal. Tom #Longstaff made an impressive, although unsuccessful, attempt on it in 1905, reaching roughly 23,000 feet or 7,000 meters. The peak, the world’s 34th highest, wasn’t climbed to the summit until 1985. In 2006, I organized and led an expedition for @internationalmountainguides to Gurla with some friends and clients, making by my count the 12th ascent of the peak. A stunning mountain that provides a great alternative to the crowds and chaos of more popular peaks like Cho Oyu and #Everest…for those who want to work for it. #mondaymountain #gurlamandhata

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Nice way to kick off the Fourth…

Nice way to kick off the Fourth by testing some new prototype gear by one of the great #American brands, @eddiebauer. Fun romp from Summit Lake up Sunrise Couloir to the Sawtooth, #Bierstadt, and then back and over Evans. #fourthofjuly #liveyouradventure

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A #Hindu man prays in the waters…

A #Hindu man prays in the waters of the #Hooghly River at Fairlie Ghat in #Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
Newly elected Indian Prime Minister Nirendra #Modi recently declared his government would make cleaning the #Ganges River a major focus of his administration, even calling his efforts a #manthan, meaning deep contemplation of all facts to reach an enlightened conclusion. He has promised to work closely with #sadhus (Hindu holy men), NGO’s, politicians, scientists, and more, and pledged to look at the issue from a full watershed perspective rather than limiting cleanup to specific areas.
This is great news for the Ganges; as @pedromcbride @davidcmorton and I saw firsthand on our #GangaS2S expedition, the River’s woes are deep and profound, it’s health impacted by myriad forces like climate change, dams and diversions, industrial and agricultural pollution, development, human waste, and much more. Maa (Mother) #Ganga is a critical river and watershed that directly nourishes the land, lives, and spirits of some 400 million people…it’s high time it had a strong champion. Let’s hope Modi can live up to his words: “Maa Ganga is waiting for her son to free her from pollution.” @eddiebauer #Surface #liveyouradventure #maaganga

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