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Shooting a timelapse above the village of…

Instagram Photo Caption: Shooting a timelapse above the village of #Deboche tonight, watching #Everest and the south face of #Lhotse and #Nuptse turn crimson. While I sat, camera clicking away, I saw a dozen #danphe, the national bird of #Nepal, for musk deer, and I’m 50% certain I caught a glimpse of a snow leopard scuttling away through the rhododenron forest…not kidding.
Amazing evening, and I’m reminded of the #Skanda #Purana: “In a hundred ages of the gods, I cannot tell three of the glories of the #Himalaya. As the dew is dried by the morning sun, so are the sins of man at the sight of the Himalaya.” #magic #liveyouradventure #travelstoke

Photo taken at: Debuche, Nepal

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  1. Colin
    ColinNovember 10,14

    Stunning photograph as always Jake! The snow leopard is a very rare cat, I hope what you saw was this awesome creature.


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