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Barrages on the Ganges River, India

#Barrages are not uncommon on the #Ganges, and they have a long tradition. #Moghul emperors constructed diversions 500 years ago along the Ganges and #Yamuna, and the #British built the first#barrage on the Ganges at #Haridwar in 1854 (called #Bhimgoda) to feed the Upper Ganges Canal.

In this photo, fishermen ply their trade near the Ganges Barrage at #Kanpur. Further downstream, near the border with #Bangladesh, the River’s most controversial barrage – #Farakka – was completed in 1974, and has been a major bone of contention between the two countries ever since.

The new government of Narendra #Modi has pledged to protect and restore Ma #Ganga, but new barrage proposals call this pledge into question. Specifically, one proposal calls for building new barrages every 100km from #Allahabad to Ganga Sagar on the #Hooghly at the Bay of Bengal. While this might be an economic boon, allowing for consistent shipping along the majority of the great river, it would come at great #environmental cost, forever altering the flow of the river and putting greater pressure on the already critically endangered Ganges River #Dolphin (AKA the#Susu) and the #hilsa #kelee, a critical commercial fish which spawns up river.

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