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Along the banks of the Yamuna River in…

Along the banks of the #Yamuna River in #Agra – just a stone’s throw from the #Taj #Mahal – is an equally stunning if less-refined place. #Dhobi ghat is the place of the washers (Dhobis), and here, day in and day out, they ply their trade, hand washing masses of #laundry for visiting tourists and locals alike. The clothing is “washed” in the fetid waters of the Yamuna which, by the time they move through Agra, are but a tar-like sludge. As one Dhobi told me with a smile: “The #water is dirty, but we use caustic soap – it burns – but it gets clothes clean.” #tajmahal#dhobighat #GangaS2S #indiapictures #ips@indiaphotosociety @dailylifeindia @eddiebauer#liveyouradventure @pedromcbride

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