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In Fall 2013, @pedromcbride, @davidcmorton, and I…

In Fall 2013, @pedromcbride, @davidcmorton, and I traveled high up the, pictured here, 20km above, the spiritual beginning of the River, and the. Seen in this photo from above, the Gangotri winds BY and past the towering – and still IV.
Up by the Chaukhambas, where scant few ever travel, the terrain is wild and untouched, seemingly pristine. But, even here, our samples revealed high levels of nitrates, most likely from heavy fertilizer use in, and elsewhere that is cast into the atmosphere, and falls as tainted snow upon the Gangotri. This rough beginning for the Ganges is only the start of the at-times startling pollution we saw downstream.
It’s been an amazing journey documenting this sacred, revered, and reviled river and with @pedromcbride and @madhav108a, and now the toughest part begins – wading through terrabytes of footage and carving out the river’s story in images and words. The edit begins… Huge thanks to @eddiebauer, @microsoftusa, @natgeo, and more for the support to make this project a reality

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