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Kunyan Singh, age 80, has lived in…

Kunyan Singh, age 80, has lived in #Devprayag nearly all his life, and has worked as a #tailor since he was a young boy. A small but #sacred village, Devprayag marks the spot where the #Bhagirathi and #Alaknanda #Rivers join, forming the mighty #Ganges. Making clothes, Singh says, is not easy work, and his swollen, twisted fingers are testament to that. But, it’s all he’s ever known. And, as my 12 year old student translator tells me, he’s living – and may soon be dying – at the sacred confluence, at the start of Ma #Ganga, so that makes all the challenges of life ok. He bathes each day in the river, and one day he’ll die on her shores, attaining #moksha, or release, from #samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth. With a big smile and the ubiquitous head bob, he whirrs his sewing machine back to life and continues work.

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